Summer Paintings Project

Summer Paintings is a video project with a focus on cultivating the daily habit of painting. Over the next 12 weeks (7/6-9/25), I will challenge myself to make (and film myself making) a painting every day, five days a week. Each week will be centered on a theme. The themes will usually be open-ended enough to allow for spontaneity but also provide enough structure to avoid decision fatigue. [Have a suggestion for a weekly theme? Send us an email!]

This project stems from my role as an instructor at Stevenson University and the Maryland Institute College of Art. My favorite part of teaching is to help students solve problems and to impart to them any skillsets that I may have picked up along the way.

This is in my blood - my father has a natural ability to pass things on, almost unconsciously. I learned the whole trade of fine carpentry not by him lecturing me on all the techniques and rules, but by him bringing me along for the ride. This allowed me to grow more through natural observation than by pedantic tutorials. So, rather than giving you step-by-step rules or fail-safe painting recipes, these videos are an invitation to watch me work and solve problems organically.

Follow along as I revisit the wellspring of my painterly origins and recalibrate my joy for creating, while also challenging myself with material and conceptual experiments.

Videos are freely available. Support for this project will come entirely from the sale of the paintings produced. Each piece will be for sale at $250 + shipping.

Watch the project unfold on YouTube and Instagram.

Happy Summer Painting!

all work © 2023 — Caleb Kortokrax